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    Has anyone seen this before. When I snap a picture using the Palm Camera app under the 1x setting, I get a green line across the picture a 1/3 of the way down on the picture. If I use the 2x setting I don't.


    Nevermind, now its gone
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    There was another thread on that somewhere. For some people (like myself), it only happened in low light conditions (even that was extremely rare). For others, it seemed to happen in even regular light. If I remember right, I think someone got theirs replaced because of it.
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    I've had that happen on a few pictures. The majority come out fine though. No idea what causes it.

    Here's an example pic with the green line:
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    My son's Treo had the green line across the screen right out of the box.

    A swap replacement was shipped and when it arrived 2 days later the green line had disappeared!

    He kept the replacement and sent the now greenlineless one back just to be sure.
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    Add a red line and claim it is Christmas decorations?
    Technology Rules!
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    This particular green line is not an LCD screen defect, but a weird anomaly that shows up in pictures taken with the camera sometimes. Either a bug in the Camera app, or a glitch in the camera sensor hardware itself.
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    My old Treo 300 has the green line across the screen, but nothing on my 650 (yet). Hopefully, it doesn't mean that they've used some cheap LCD that goes bad after awhile.

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    Meh. This is a software problem, not a hardware problem.. And it's not the DISPLAY it's the camera software.

    I hate this 'issue'. The camera is useless anyway, I don't see why people even care.

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