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    Hey I just downloaded Phoinix and don't have any idea where to get games or how to convert them to Palm format. Any walk-throughs or suggestions would really help!

    Thanks in advance,
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    First of all, LJZ is a much better emu:

    Just search google for the roms...
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    It said LJZ was only for the zodiac and I got LJP all it did was freeze up my Treo...
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    If I remember the last time I tried to run that, it didn't support the five way. LJZ does do just about anything you want from an emulator but imho it does take a little more to get it working. For plain and simple use apps. GBulator and NesEM both are easy and work great. As for getting ROMS, thats all on you, I won't talk about that, cause that is not legal! Also against forum rules!

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