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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrison

    I have a related yahoo/sprint/versamail question for you. I've gotten Versamail to cooperate in d'ling my messages well, but after 2 + hours of forum and help screen reading, I still can't get it to send from my Sprint Treo 650. (I also have the $20/yr Yahoo acct) Have you had any luck? Or anyone else for that matter?

    Thanks in advance!

    Sorry, I Had no problems sending at all it works like a charm, much better then having to go to Yahoo mail website and compose a E-mail from there. It was the recieving thing I was having a problem with but see TreoDave's post to solve that problem. Check you settings.
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    Who knows what's going on with my VM. I have tried every imaginable server setting, I tried the port 587 trick, I tried using the sprintpcs outgoing mail server, and nothing work. I then downloaded chatter, entered my login name and my password, and the derned thing has worked like a charm!! I went back and tried VM one last time, with no luck. So, for at least the duration of the Chatter demo, I'm done with VM. Thanks for the help though!
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