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    I downloaded Bug Me! Notepad, and the extra program PopMe, last week and couldn't handle how much space it took up on my Treo. I tried to move it to the SD card and it wouldn't save correctly. So I deleted them with Zlauncher.

    But before I loaded Bugme! I had 6m free. I didn't recover all my memory.

    At the creators instruction, I reloaded bug me and deleted using the build in File Manager.

    But I'm still at 4.7m! So I know something has changed.

    I know something is still on the handheld because I find this in my hotsync log
    -- Backing up BugMeUndo to C:\Program Files\palmOne\Rorsch\Backup\BugMeUndo.PDB

    Has anyone had a similar issue?
    Can someone help me?
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    I would download a trial of Uninstall Manager and then reinstall BugMe. Then try the software you probably will see that it's worth the price. Also I have run BugMe from the card using PowerRun. I think ZLauncher has a similar feature. Alarms won't work if you run it from the card but I don't use them. I just take quick notes.
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    I couldn't get it to run off the card with Zlauncher. But will try the uninstall manager trick.

    And I really DID like Bug ME!

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    I am trying Bug ME and I installed Pop ME....Now it took over my side button. I really like my side button to be for the camera, so I want to make it go back to that. I have uninstalled Bug Me with Uninstaller (I will reinstall it though without pop me), I have rechecked to make sure Camera is set under prefs/buttons, and I even tried the btnfix. Anyone have a solution for me THanks!

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