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    Can somebody explain paying for applications and why the prices are different on different sites. Ex. I downloaded a free trial of Butler OTA and now I want to pay for it and it's telling me to go to which is charging $19.95 but like here on TC it's only $14.95. All these sites seem to have the same apps but at different prices. Also I don't want to start an account with 10 different sites, is there ONE site that has it all and fair on pricing?
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    Palmgear has Butler for $10.95, not $19.95.

    Most places have the same prices, best bet is to go to the developers worst you'll pay same price as other sites but they get more of that money.
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    Sometimes it differs because certain sites take more commission from the developer, forcing them to charge higher prices so that they still get a decent profit. Palmgear has a lot of stuff, but lately I've noticed very major apps are no longer sold there (can't think of which ones ATM), or are updated there way after they're released elsewhere. I have memberships at Palmgear and Handango, and that seems to cover most apps. I also buy direct from the developer when possible.
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    I sometimes search around for coupons available for Palmgear or Handango, and save a few bucks. Otherwise, I try to buy from the developer, but many handle all purchases through Palmgear or Handango anyway.
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    Thank you all I did get the Butler for the $10 price and will take your suggestions..

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