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    This is a further description of my problem with my 650 after the 1.17 upgrade, and its connection problems with my Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit. Prior to the update, everything worked swimmingly. Now, a few things are happening. First, it often doesnt store the information about the 650 and its connection in such a way so that when you start up, it remembers and finds the phone. Second, when it does, I can only make calls. If I receive a call, it never connects thru the bluetooth system.

    I know this seems strange, and maybe I am the only one having these problems, but I would really apprceciate any ideas or comments that could help resolve this. Of course, calling Palm, Cingular or Motorola is hopeless.


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    Try this if it works - delete the pairing between your T650 and your car. On your Treo "Trusted Devices", delete whatever is showing as your car connection.

    Do a soft reset and then "re-pair" your Treo with the car as a brand new device. This did the trick for me after I upgraded to the Cingular 1.17.
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