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    I asked this about a year ago and nobody had a solution, maybe now there is. This has definitely disappointed me about the 650, although othewise I love it. I want to sync my calendar/contacts/todo from my work laptop (Lotus Notes) to the treo, only one-way. I also want to then sync my *personal* calendar/contacts/todo from my home computer (Outlook) to the treo so it has both sets of data there. I don't care if they are co-mingled on the treo, I just want them all there because I travel a lot.

    HOWEVER, I don't want the treo sending anything downstream on the sync - i.e. after I load my work stuff up from Notes, and then my home stuff from Outlook, next time I sync with notes I don't want little bobbie's hockey games and all my family's phone numbers, etc to go to Notes and contaminate my work calendar/contacts.

    Can commontime or any third party software do this for me?? I used to do this regularly on my cheap nokia cell phones with their sync software, so I've been pretty surprised that my expensive, high-end PDA phone can't do this.
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    I would get Intellisync. It can do both ways or one way sync..
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    Ok, i'll look into that. It would be great if it can do this. Someone else mentioned Pylon, that it could do this also. Is that any good?
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    Perhaps I missed something, but did you try just setting your stock Palm HotSync to only sync unidirectionally on the Notes computer and setting it to sync bidirectional on your home computer?

    This should result in your Notes having only what you have entered on the desktop and your Treo and home computer having a compilation of everything. Of course, this method would not allow any new entries you make on your Treo to show in Notes...

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