When I plug in headphones (any of several types) to the 650 headphone jack, and play something in real player, it's freaking unreal loud even at the lowest settings on the volume slider. I have to set the volume almost to the very bottom. Plus, using the side rocker switch to change the volume, it's very grainy in its control, meaning it goes from the very lowest (basically "off"), then when I hit the 'up' rocker once to increase volume it's way too loud. This is basically using only 1% of the whole volume slider length, what's up with this? It's been this way since I got it.

I'm now having the speaker outages associated with using the headphone jack, so i have a replacement waiting for me at home. Has Treo made any mods to fix this problem, and how can I check the new phone to ensure it has them (and also that it's not a refurb - will that one reset the current one year warranty??). I'm also wondering if it will have the firmware upgrade or if i'll have to go through that again (cingular/at&t).