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    Try this in memo: type US (all caps) then space. The Treo automatically converts the capital "S" to a small "s".

    Is there any way to turn this off? I find it really irritating.

    Happens in any app where I input text - messaging, notes, tasks, calendar...
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    I don't see that on mine. What model Treo 650 are you using? Carrier? Firmware/Software versions?
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    Not seeing it on mine either, and I have an unbranded Alltel Treo 650.

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    if you want all caps, type the first letter (automatically cap). Then hit the cap shift key twice, and caps will stay on.
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    Also, it only autocaps the first letter in a message/memo/calendar event, etc. You have to uppercase anything else you want upper. The letter "i" all by itself will always uppercase too.

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