A little different scenario than what's been posted before...

I recently purchased a holux GPSlim 236 from Semsons.com and have been using it as a bluetooth GPS receiver with my Treo 650 running TomTom Navigator 2004. It was working great until this past Sunday - for some reason, it is no longer seeming to be able to communicate data to the treo. The treo is able to connect to it and pops up a bluetooth connection window, but on the TomTom GPS screen it says that a valid GPS signal is not identified.

The receiver itself seems to be in working condition though - the bluetooth light flashes at about 1 per 3 seconds (transmitting data) and the orange GPS location fixation light flashes once a second (GPS location fix).

I tried reinstalling the GPS software already without any improvement, and have even hard reset my treo and reinstalled all the other software, so now I'm looking to the GPSlim as a possible source. Anybody have any other suggestions? I don't have bluetooth capability on any other computers or devices. Any advice would be great?!


Oh yeah, I'm running on Verizon with the latest updater installed.