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    Yes, I searched. Sorry if I didn't find the answer and it was right there in the 251st post and I stopped at 250.

    First there was my Visor, then my Treo 300, then Treo 600, now Treo 650. I don't go too deep into the software, just enough to get done what I need done. Anyway, my user name and all files are still in a "Handspring" file instead of a Palm file. Is this a problem? It seemed to cause me some problems when I updated my Sprint software.

    Thank you for all of the other good information here.

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    It's not a problem....the Palm Desktop program doesn't care where it's at as long at it knows the path. If you deleted the Palm Desktop before installing the 650 then it might have a problem.

    If you'd feel more comfortable - backup everything to an SD card - delete the world on your PC then reinstall the Palm Desktop and hot sync the device. It should transfer everything to this "new" desktop but just in case it doesn't you can always restore it from the backup on the SD card.

    You can also copy everything on the PC to a safe backup and then delete and reboot your PC then reinstall and move everything to the new file structure and overwrite the "blank" information before syncing.

    If you sync to Outlook - this would be even simpler. Since your PIM information is safe in Outlook then backup only your old programs that are on the handheld and delete everything else - reinstall the Palm Desktop and you'll be good to go.

    But one problem exists - the Windows registry typically doesn't get cleaned properly unless you know how to do it.....and you might be creating more problems, IMHO.

    I don't think it's worth the effort.....
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