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    0.9 (12/13/05 "intermediate update")
    - bug fix: Security patch from Xpdf3.01 added
    - bug fix: lines too big on certain zoom values (related to Xpdf)
    - bug fix: more PDFs can be converted to PalmDOCs
    - bug fix: Hotsync issue fixed? (if not, take care to remove the backup bit from PalmPDF)
    - bug fix: Center button on Treo not captured anymore, allows keyguard disabling
    - File selection now better recognizable
    - Page selector pops up with an empty page number
    - selectable DocReader (one of 5 defaults)
    - added iSilo to the default DocReaders
    - second tap opens file
    - more frequent screen updates
    - "Please wait" message when render engine is accessed on card
    - Refresh after hardware zoom buttons delayed
    - Refresh after hardware rotation button delayed, also added a small response
    - Optional: skip large images also skips decompress of images to speed up document reading
    - Find support and file name with the new "?" button
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    can't wait to test this out,thanks for the info!!
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!

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