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    I use a Sprint Treo 650 running Datebk5 and a Windows XP machine.

    I use standard Treo 650 conduits for Outlook Contacts, Tasks and Memos, and Chapura's PocketMirror for Outlook Calendar (so I can get location information in Datebk5).

    I sync 2-3 times per day, and this set up has worked like a charm for almost a year.

    Well I just sync'ed, and some part of the system failed; about 1/2 my appointments were changed to 12/30/1970 with no subject. They did keep the category information, though.

    I don't even know how to begin troubleshooting this - does anyone have any ideas?
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    Do you also backup to your card? If so, restore the CalendarDB-PDat file, change the Outlook Calendar conduit's action to "Handheld overwrites desktop" and sync.
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    Birthday's.....BD's before 1970 don't react well with Palm devices. Had you added one or changed one recently?
    for more info.
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    Bill: Yes, I do backups on the Treo, but not automatically, but only about once a month, so last one is kinda old. Also do backups on my desktop, but by a random coincidence, my backup failed last night, and so I don't have a recent Outlook pst backup either. Guess that'll teach me.

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