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    I've recently started using GoodLink 4.5 on my SMT5600 (Windows Smartphone 2003). I believe my organization is running GoodLink server v4.0.

    Q1: Is the "Drafts" folder synchronized? I've tried to test it, but it doesn't seem so. In GoodLink Preferences > Email Delivery > Menu > Add Folder, I don't see "Drafts!"

    Q2: I notice when I send e-mails from GoodLink to external internet e-mail addresses, the messages are received as HTML. However, when I send or reply or forward to internal recipients, the messages are always plain text. Is there any way to change this, so that all are sent one way or the other, regardless of whether the recipient is internal or external?
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    Drafts are not synchronized from the handheld to the desktop nor vice versa

    In regards to your second question, let me do some digging as I have not noticed anything like that.
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    hey goodguy,

    is it possible NOT to use the good contacts on the smt5600 and use the internal contacts? OR, is it possible to assign individual ringtones and pics to contacts in the goodlink software?
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    Neither of these appear to be possible right now...

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