I've searched on TreoCentral, Dataviz, and Palm, but can't see to find the magic solution for what is causing this issue from time to time.

I have a Sprint Treo650 with the latest ROM upgrade. I know there are many users on this site that have switched to SnapperMail. I'd like to, but my company only allows me to hotsync email at this time with Outlook at this time and I don't believe Snappermail has that ability.

I'm having problems when trying to open MS Word or MS Excel attachments in Versamail. Versamail opens, but locks up and the opening attachment progress meter never increases. I then need to reset the device.

I will that that on a couple occassions I've hard reset the device, uninstalled Palm Desktop, and delete the Palm directories. Reinstalled Palm desktop and setup email without any other pieces of 3rd party software installed. Email will work for awhile and then I start to experience the attachment lockups. BTW, we're running Office 2003.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.