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    Let me preface this by saying I love my aluminum hard case... however I have a major league gripe about it.

    That is the way in which the case connects to the belt clip:

    1. With the little screw in thing that connects to the plastic clip on your belt, you have to screw it in with a tool, otherwise it can come loose and fall off. I used a screw driver and it still fell off. I finally had to apply some super glue to the screwhole to keep it in place. Anyway, that was a minor problem.

    2. MAJOR issue. The whole case is metal (except for the screen cover). The little metal knob that snaps into the plastic clip has a ragged edge (like a dime) which is meant to make it easier for you to screw it in. However, in practice this serves to wear down the cheap plastic belt clip's retaining clips over time. So now, only a few months after getting the case, the plastic clip is completely filed down (the retaining clips at least) to the point where the phone is no longer held in place when in the clip.

    Why for the love of all that is holy do all these case manufacturers rely on cheap crappy plastic components to make the damn clips? Are there any all-metal beltclips and or cases out there?
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    I'm with you - the same thing happened to me - I even tried to locate a quality case pin to replace the little one - something like the quality of the pin on the vaja case - the best. Even after snapping my vaja case on the car door & cracking the top 1 / 3 I continue to use it. I cut the broken part off ; wrapped gaffer tape & clear coated the repair area - I still prefer this because of the way my treo fits the vaja so well & the superior pin that vaja uses.

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