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    i'm new to this forum...but hopefully someone can help. I accidently dropped my phone on carpet and the screen cracked. it's only 2weeks old...what am I going to do?
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    How are we going to help? Call whomever you bought the phone from and try to get the screen fixed or the Treo replaced under insurance, maybe warranty, etc. If you have personal articles property insurance, it might cover the Treo.

    Good luck.
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    I think they are releasing a patch for this problem...

  4. #4 sells complete replacement screens for the Treo 650. Certainly cheaper than buying another 650.
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    I had a similar issue. I'm a DIY techie, so I bought a replacement LCD from Ebay (paramontwireless was the vendor) for ~$100. You'll also need to buy a T5 torx screw driver to take apart Treo 650. I ended up buying one from a local Fry's for $5.

    It takes a little bit of finesse to get disassemble to Treo, but I was able to do it myself. It took me about 10 minutes the first time to take apart the treo (you don't need to pry it open or else you may break a tab). Now I could do it in about 3 minutes.
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    An insurance floater won't cover the phone unless you already have it scheduled. But if you bought the phone with a credit card, you may have all risk coverage for a short time and could put a claim in there. Otherwise, the suggestions to buy the parts and replace it yourself are good....I did that to other phones too many tmes...screens, complete boards, board components, mics, speakers, you name it. Tiny but doable. Stuff happens. Stay strong!-KS
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