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    Hi GoodGuy,

    I know that GoodLink doesn't support asian character sets - or at least I thought I knew that. I have a couple of users that do business with China and Japan (in Chinese and Japanese), so I'd checked with Good and been told that would probably be supported sometime in 2006 (do let me know if you have any sense of when that might be). So I was resigned to this, having created an ugly workaround for those users (an Exchange rule forwarding emails with Kanji characters in the email to a POP account the user would access via Snapper Mail, which supports CJKOS).

    Last week though, I set up another user for GoodLink on Treo 650 (v. 4.7). He deals with a lot Chinese email. He flew back to China (so I can't see it with mine own eyes), but he swears that certain Chinese-language emails actually do appear legibly on GoodLink in Chinese! Other Chinese emails don't, and we can't figure out if the ones that do appear correctly in Chinese have something in common. CJKOS input within GoodLink still doesn't work, and forwarding or replying from GoodLink kills the emails (i.e. all the Asian characters end up becoming ASCII squares), but still - there seems to be some partial support of Asian languages. Please tell me that my Chinese user hasn't taken too much opium and that GoodLink is close to finalizing Asian language support (be it CJKOS compatibility or an Asian language version of the GoodLink client). Something seems to be going on. Thanks,

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    Wow...the things our customers find out. I have not hear a single thing about double-byte support as it relates to time frame. If you do some more investigating with the user or you have a device with 4.7 and can see what the common thread is in the ones that work, let me know. The only thing I can think of is that we are working on double-byte, some of the code is done and was placed in the new release for future development/release and something your CJKOS users are doing or something in certain emails is calling up that sub-routine. I will check with my development folks, but chances are they won't tell me concretely what is there. See, we sales people tend to open our mouths, so development and R&D people are very careful as to what they tell us.

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