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    When an alarm from my calendar goes off in silent mode, I have the treo set to vibrate. The problem is when I dismiss the alarm, the treo persists in vibrating. If I turn it off, the vibrating will stop, but then once I turn it on again, it will continue to vibrate. It seems like it "wants" to vibrate the number of times I told it to in the preferences.

    Shouldn't it stop vibrating after I have dismissed the alarm? This only happens when I am in "silent" mode. So, when I have the rocker switch by at the top switched to have sounds on, and the alarm goes off, I have the Treo set to both vibrate and play a sound. Once I have dismissed the alarm, but the sound and the vibration go away.

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    Do you have any third party applications that creates the nag (repeat alarm option)?
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    The way I set this vibrate option to repeat was in the following menu:

    Prefs -> sound -> Application:Calendar -> Tones

    In that menu you have the following options, these are my settings:

    play sound: 10 times
    repeat alarm: 10 times
    every: 5 minutes

    I believe what is causing the phone to vibrate 10 times even if I dismiss a calendar alarm is the "play sound: 10 times" option, however, I do want it to play 10 times when I am not in silent mode.

    Thanks for the help!

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