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    I f@#$ing hate Verizon Wireless. Many years ago I had issues with Sprint but not since then. Months ago I mentioned Verizon's double billing mistakes -- charging me for an unlimited data plan AND charging me for Internet usage. Well, it continues happening. Just wanted to let all of you know that it ain't much better on Verizon than any other carrier.

    This time I got 2 or maybe 3 automated calls from VZW during the week and weekend and couldn't figure out what it was for -- solicitation maybe? I had just paid the bill in its entirety end of October for the entire outstanding amount -- less over a thousand dollars of credits for Verizon's double billing. Didn't have time to call - December - incredibly busy and everyone wants you to buy something.

    Wouldn't you know it. Verizon slammed me again by applying billing for October for Internet data usage, called that became "outstanding and owed", also double charged me for data usage for November and thus hit me with several hundred dollars more of incorrect data usage charges and shut off my phone.

    Calls to take care of this go to financial services who are nothing more than people asking you for your credit card or checking account number. In order to correct this fiasco I have to wait each time for customer service. Hopefully you won't be disconnected or you go over this again. They then have to deal with financial services to turn on your phone. More waiting.

    Once is a mistake. Twice for several more months is exceeding irritating. I wanted to post this for anyone who thinks that it's any better at Verizon than it is at Sprint. They each have their own issues. The difference is that while Sprint might be a tad less responsive in certain ways, they aren't nearly as arrogant and boastful and reflect it in their prices. Coverage is slightly better with Verizon but still so very usable without problem in NYC.
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    During my five years with Sprint I've never ever had a billing problem
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    I've heard this complaint about every telecom and every cable company on various forums.

    Clearly the real issue is some kind of screwup on your account (by them) probably coupled with questionable customer service.

    In other words, ditching Verizon for this issue may no necessarily make you happy in the long run!

    I could add my Sprint horror story here which took me four months to resolve. But when it was finally done I haven't had a problem since, ended up with an extra-good deal, and a new phone number which ends in double-zero.

    Good luck with yours!

    Treo 755p / Sprint

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