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    I have a Sprint Treo 650 replacement phone that I'd like to get to the exact state of my old phone (being replaced due to a badly scratched screen). Is it better to do a Hotsync to the new phone, or should I do a Restore from my Backup Buddy SD disk?

    I'd really like to avoid having to restore phone, Butler, and other preferences manually. Do either of these options handle preferences?

    Are there pitfalls if the firmware, VersaMail, or other items have different versions?

    Should the firmware be upgraded, if necessary, before the hotsync or Backup Buddy restoration?
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    I have a lingering and probably out of date distrust of HotSync as a complete sync solution. I have a more recent validation of that distrust in cases where the handheld has crashed during a restore hotsync and on the next attempt the conduits destroyed my backup while copying the partial restore off the handheld. This isn't a common problem, but once is enough with the only current backup of your handheld.

    BackupBuddy seems pretty safe. I don't remember which of it or BackupMan has the nasty habit of not actually blanking teh device before doing a complete restore (so sometimes a setting somewhere will persist through the restore!!!). So always perform a hard reset before restoring from back-up.

    As long as you take your last backup using one of those with the phone powered off (and on a fresh reset ideally) your restore should go without incident. The only artifacts I see from restores of that type is the occasional loss and need to re-enter a registration code or two (usually for Verichat).
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    Either method should restore your Treo completely (to the exact information and settings that were saved). Edit --good info above!

    I would upgrade the firmware to the same level as the old Treo, if this is necessary, before the restore. If the new Treo has a more recent firmware, I believe you are okay; . . . . . . not like you have an option to do anything about it anyway, if that is the case.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I use HotSync for the obvious reasons of synchronization etc.

    BUT, the advantage of using a backup utility like BackupBuddy VFS is that it'll save your **** if you have a problem when you are not at home!

    Your hotsync data can't save you if you aren't there.

    BBVFS works great for me. I agree with bklech's post regarding hard-reset. I always do that before a restore with BBVFS.

    Hope this helps,
    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Well, I performed a hard reset on the new device, then inserted the SD card and performed a Restore using Backup Buddy VFS. All looked good, until I tried to do a sync... the process crashed/froze at "CardSync_BB".

    So I did a hard reset again, and this time tried a hotsync directly. Unfortunately, I got an error indicating my device wasn't being recognize by the computer ("One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.... Try reconnecting the device. If Windows still does not recognize it, replace the device.)

    Wonderful. So I searched the forum again and was led to unplug the hotsync cable from the computer (not just the phone), then reconnect everything. This time, I was successful with a hotsync, and all seems perfect. Same preference, button assignments, etc.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksymmers
    This time, I was successful with a hotsync, and all seems perfect. Same preference, button assignments, etc
    Glad it worked out...For the record, I have had three Treo600 replaced under warranty or insurance, and all were restored from static state to exactly where I left off...using BackupMan restores from the SD.

    Unfortunatley I can't get Backupman to work on my T650...
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    Yikes, I have never had anything like that happen to me with BBVFS Pro.

    I did a hard-reset and restored just to check it out and (again) I got a perfect restore.

    I would recommend you email BlueNomad regarding your problem. From my experience with them, I'm certain they will take it seriously.

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    I prefer to do both, a HotSync as well as using Resco Backup. I figure having one of each at any one time is best! If I am not at home I got the SD card back up. I usually just do a HotSync to have it done, but unless I do a update or something I would just run Resco. My Treo almost never crashes, so that isn't a worry, but if I would have to replace it, I would just run my backup/restore and be done with it
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    I have only every used HotSync. But sometimes when I travel without the laptop I dread a problem with the Treo that requires a hard reset.
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    BackupBuddy worked for me, just three days ago on a complete restore. I use both -- hotsync and backupbuddy for when I am away from my home PC.

    cheers, Perry

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