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    i am usually pretty creative, but cannot figure out how to do what i know my phone must be capable of. i want to use it as a remote control for windows media player from my couch, i'm assuming i'd have to use bluetooth, as IR prolly wouldn't be very feasible, and through the web would be about as convenient as just walking over to my computer (my tv feeds through my computer). any ideas appreciated
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    salling doesn't seem to be compatible with my phone. i'm actually waiting on response right now as to whether or not it will work. i have it installed on my pc and my phone, but it cannot sync

    libertycontrol can sync via bluetooth to my treo650, but, it is *way* too limited in windows media player abilities that i cannot use it. just not practical. it doesn't support video playback, which is the only reason i need it anyways. it doesn't allow you to search through a track, only to select next/previous track. also, it only displays playlists, you cannot go and look at all your artists/categories. and last, but not least, it only shows you a file at a time. so if i make a playlist with all my videos, for example, and want to watch something beginning with x, but am watching somethign beginning with a, i have to spend prolly over a minute waiting for it to tick all the way through my videos.

    any other programs? these seem to be the only two recommended, dunno if it's gonna happen with either.
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    fyi salling clicker is up and running well
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    I have salling clicker and it works great! It works with Powerpoint, WM10, winamp and itunes.

    With winamp you can select songs by artist, album, playlist. Save a shoutcast playlist and you can FF-RW to your favorite station. The best feature is being able to select individual songs and play them instantly, next, or add them to the queue. Also has shuffle, repeat, vol up/down, etc... and shows song info on the Treo

    I hear the itunes integration is even better... it even dislpays album art on the Treo.

    You can also shut down the computer and use the touchscreen and a mousepad.
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