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    Everytime I try to get e-mail using ChatterEmail, I get an error that says:

    "Your POP3 Mailbox 'Yahoo' is too large and connot be sync'ed."

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do....or should have done, to get e-mail coming in?

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    I was getting this same exact error. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times and finally got it to download. Not sure what fixed it though. Was eventually able to DL all my 1500+ yahoo emails. Unfortunately I wasn't too pleased with the program so I didn't end up buying it so that's probably as far as I can help on this one.
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    Chatter will only work with POP3 boxes with fewer than 2048 messages in them. I'd suggest cleaning out your inbox...

    And more seriously, the limitation isn't that unreasonable. POP3 is VERY, VERY inefficient to sync and this is especially true of large mailboxes. An IMAP mailbox with 2048 messages will sync about 5-10x faster than the equivalent POP3 box, and with about 1/8th the data used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    Chatter will only work with POP3 boxes with fewer than 2048 messages in them.
    I understand mailboxes with tons of messages are easier to manage with IMAP than with POP3, but some ISP don't give that option.

    Sync'ing is not a problem since I should be able to download my POP3 email and the option to delete the mail from the server when deleted from the phone is sufficient.
    In my case, I have about 3000 but I only care about getting maybe the last few days worth of mail over the phone. For this I use Versamail which has the option to only get the last X days worth of email.
    Is there anything like this in the latest beta or future release?
    If not, could it be considered? It would be nice to only use one email program for both accounts.
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    The problem is that all 3000 have to be inspected to know which the last X are; the limit is based on that. It's VERY slow to check 3000 messages (up to 300k of data too!).

    Pardon the unasked-for advice, but you should move your mail to an IMAP provider, and forward your POP3 mail there. Managing 3000 messages between a PC and a Treo (and possibly other machines and webmail) without the advantage of shared folders is horrific. And the situation gets worse the more messages you've got.

    Anyway, changing this isn't something I can spend time on near-term, but I'll put it on my list.


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