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    I use NextWorks' NexChange to syncronize my contacts, notes, tasks, and calendar without requiring a hotsync. However, there are several bugs with this program (such as recurring duplicates and frequent reboots at times) and there haven't been any updates recently.

    I already use Chatter for my email (and have done so almost as long as I've had the Treo). I read both in here and from the Chatter site that there may be a colaboration to get the two programs to work together.

    Does that mean I shouldn't expect any more updates to NexChange? Is this an upgrade to either program or a new program entirely?

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    As I understood the anouncement, both companies will continue to do their own development. They both have areas of expertice that would benefit each other. The collaboration was for NexChange like OWA updates with the Chatter-like email client front end. Having worked with both developers, I'm looking forward to their results. The other good news for both of us is, as a registered user of both, the collaboritive product will be free.
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    I never could get NexChange to work...but I would love it.

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