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    Perhaps the easiest answer for the Treo 650, but HOW DO YOU GET YOUR E-MAIL? I have figured out most of this PDA, but not sure how to get my e-mail from Yahoo.

    Perhaps its a quick and simple answer, but I don't know what it is. Do I need to purchase a program to retrieve my e-mail? Or is there one included in the Treo 650 that I'm not seeing?

    Thanks for any response. I appreciate it.

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    Your treo should have come with versamail. If you pay yahoo for pop3 access, you can configure versamail to check your yahoo or other emails.

    Just do a search for yahoo and versamail. I don't have yahoo pop, so I don't know how to configure it for you.

    alternatively, you can just use blazer (web) to check yahoo email.
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