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    My company's Help Desk (a misnomer) deleted my Outlook profile when grasping at straws to resolve and Outlook issue. I re-created the profile, but changed the name not thinking at all about how it might impact hot-syncing my Treo 650. I now get the following error in the log:

    Outlook Calendar
    This handheld is associated with a different Outlook profile. To synchronize with that profile, close Outlook and synchronize again. To use this device with the current Outlook profile, open the HotSync custom dialog and change the conduit settings to use this Outlook profile. See the Outlook conduit help for details.
    OLERR:0C-000F (0x0)
    - Not Synchronized
    OK Outlook Calendar with 1 message(s)

    How do I change the association of the Outlook profile? I have scoured this forum and well as the Palm forum and only can find info on the OLERR issues. This isn't the same is it? I tried a number of the solutions offered with no success.

    Thanks, Roger
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    I had the same issue, yep, help desk. The only way I was able to correct it was to uninstall the Palm Desktop and install it fresh. I was then able to select the correct Outlook profile.
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    Uninstalled and re-installed and still have the same problem. The software never did ask for an Outlook profile. Did I miss something?

    Thanks, Roger

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