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    Anyone know which SD Card is better at battery life?

    i.e. Kingston, Lexar, Sandisk, etc...

    Seems Kingston uses alot of battery life....

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    This is a new discussion for me. . . . are you saying that you have noticed a difference in battery life between using these various cards with the same apps installed and the same approximate daily usage?

    That is interesting! I would have thought they would be all the same, in this regard. I am suspecting the battery drain is coming from a different source, other than the Kingston card -- or maybe it is just a bad card and not the brand. . . . .

    Anyone else?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    if the card is not being used, it does not use energy. Maybe with the new card came 2=3 hours of playing music...
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    Only thing I see that could drain your battery when using different cards is if one SD card runs at 133x and another at 150x.

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