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    It's up at my site, but we need a dead phone to test it...

    If you need to restore a phone, please login to the IRC channel (follow the Launch Java Chat link at my forum pages) and tell us about it as it goes. I need some feedback. Thanks!
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    Yee haw... it will be interesting to see how it works for those dead phones...
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    Oh no. I am already having trouble not doing some of those things that might kill my phone. How will I resist after this is proven.
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    w00t! Go ppl. with dead Treos! Let's get this tested so we can get on to the ROM dumping part!
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    The ROM dumping "sort of" works... the commands pullrom and getrom will begin a ymodem transfer of the rom.bin to your computer. But it gets corrupted and hangs up...

    I'm working on that, but any coders are welcome to look at the source and help figure it out!
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    What the hell... let me give it a shot!
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    it's scrooling....
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    tried 2 phones... 0-2. Close, but not quite. Anyone else have success?
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    What happened nonobeez?
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    A new copy of romupload.load is now in the zip, redownload it and try again!
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    downloaded the file again... hope it's the new one. It's running...
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    Before shadowmite software : looping
    Now : PalmOne logo and that's all

    I'll retest it.
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    Second test same issue.
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    if if no longer loops, that's ok... that's actually good. It tells me we re-wrote your rom file but that the filesize checksum doesn't seem to match... give me a bit and we'll figure it out!
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    md5 checksum was the same on your software and my zip file.
    Thanks for your good job .
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    actually, there is a file size checksum that you can't see that has to be written about 200h before the rom file. Rayban thought he had this figured out enough to automate it, but there might be a glitch in the program... It's excellent that you got this far. The catch is if the rom zip file and the size don't match, you don't get the second screen. We should have this soon.

    I need to finish the rom dump code so we could verify these problems a little better...
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    Ok i'm waiting for you. Good luck .
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    Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good .. Thanks lot . I think may dead treos will happy...
    anyone success ?
    if everyone can re write the rom easy.... it'll be great...

    I'm waitting...
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    ok, the zip file has been updated again and now should be able to get dumps of the rom image... read in the thread to find out how.
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    With the latest zip version my Palm is Alive. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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