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    Cool so we can now make a copy of our original ROMS using the USB sync cable that came with our Treos?
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    Actually, you can try it, but it might give a bunch of errors while trying to read the image... Something in my code is buggy and looses a byte sometimes... Then the CRC check declines the packet and it loops... I'm working on that still. But the restore appears to be fixed and working!
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    Well, we've got 3 phones fixed so far, and 1 new pmsys found which should enable us to fix the others...
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    I got one fixed... The second one now does not blink... It's should work the second time around. Awesome work!!!!
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    wow !
    it's a great work from Shadowmite again

    Thanks for the Treo community.
    GOOD JOB !
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    shadowmite, make sure you back up your brain every night! What would we do without you? it's awesome! good work!
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    Verfied... 2 phones working!

    Just as a side note, anyone restoring ROMs check to see what ver. displays on the phone. I repaired a phone with GSM 1.23, and the phone shows 1.01 VZW... which was on the phone previously.

    I will update to cingular and see what happends.
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    That's correct, we aren't changing the tokens whatsoever even though they are in the rom image... You should be able to just run the normal updater from palm to get the token changed.
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    I always wanted to try a 'personalized' rom (no cingular xpress mail, realplayer etc..)
    was always scared of breaking my one and only phone.. now I might have to try..

    You guys scare me.. with what you can do... very interesting indeed...
    great work shadowmite...
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    It's not just me... Rayban (Matthew Mastracci) developed the technique on the treo, I just made it possible for windows users over usb. We're working together on this stuff now.
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    God guys are genious. If my phone is dead, I will definately come to you guys instead of palm repair.
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    shadowmite: Can I write the unlock Rom to the locked phone to unlock it?

    I think maybe it can unlocked.....
    anyone try it ?
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    I've already posted in the thread on Shadowmite's forum, but thought I'd mention here that the tool has ressurected my Treo as well! Thanks again, Shadowmite & Rayban!
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    Well, the good news is EVERY phone has been fixed now that was dead and tried this method... Looks like we are in business.

    As for locked to unlocked status. No, that code is stored in the modem firmware which we don't touch. the lock code is stored as a token at the beginning of the rom image, and although we could extract and change it, the same thing can be done from within the operating system and you still need the proper code or to hack the modem firmware.
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    I was hesitant in trying out custom ROMs because of the reset loops reported. I'm more comfortable with trying it now that it's resolved.
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    I reincarnated my 650 also. Check out shadowmite's forum if you need tips.
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    Good work Shadowmite - Regarding your note about the locked status, is that something you'll be looking to defeat in your future projects?
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    Quote Originally Posted by naivete
    I was hesitant in trying out custom ROMs because of the reset loops reported...
    The reset loops I never had a problem with, as long as a warm reset could get me to the phone favorites (and a creation of a phone favorite link to Hotsync). But my last messup turned my Treo into a holiday brick - led, screen, and keyboard blinking on and off, never making it to the loading screen or the palm logo. I was, however, able to get to the bootloader and talk to the device via usb. Too bad this wasn't available just 3 weeeks sooner - I /just now/ am finished transferring all of my software licenses over to the new device serial

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    Is the new software released?

    One of Treoer in China fixed his Treo650 too. The romrestore tool is great.
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    HELP!! Shadowmite, I just bricked my treo and I'm confused as to how to use your rom restore tool. PLEASE HELP? Where do I put the two load files? Can I get the file off Palm offical rom updater? If file supposed to be on the card? Help...I'm a total newbie on this...
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