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    Confused over the various Palm OS's. Does 'Garnet' support native ARM code. Is it Palm OS version 5.6?. Does TREO 650 use 'Garnet'? Does handheld TX use 'Garnet'? What products use 'Cobalt'? Is 'Cobalt' OS version 6.0? Are all Palm OS versions less than version 5.6 for '68000' code and do not support ARM code except by simulation or calls?
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    Since the treo 600, Palm OS 5.x (Garnet) supports ARM code. Cobalt (6.x??)was being touted as the next release with true multitasking, but given recent events, I think it's likely that Cobalt will be bypassed in favor of the Linux version.
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    If you will, all OS5/Garnet (same thing) devices use the PACE emulation layer to perform some ARM functions via what PalmSource calls ARMlets. There are a few developers who have pure ARM code in their apps, but most apps use the emulation layer.

    Cobalt was to be all ARM, pure ARM, but never made it to any device most of us can play with. Cobalt is for all intents and purposes dead (unless Palm or someone does something to surprise a dude).

    Hope that explains things some.
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