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    hi all. my work uses and exchange 2003 server for email. i use a mac with mac mail, but have my mail delivery set for imap (which is supported). i am also using versamail 2.0c on my treo 650. here is my issue: imap email leaves everything on the server for me to view, unlike pop. however, when email gets delivered to my treo it is never "syncing" with the email server. this means that if i delete things from my mac throughout the day, if i don't do the same on my treo it just keeps every email there is AND was. so basically, i have to delete from both, which is counter to the notion of imap. make sense? any ideas on what to do?

    i considered using the exchange active sync instead, but it seems that i can't set it to NOT sync the calendar. since i don't have my calendar in exchange, instead i just use mac ical, it says it will overwrite my current calendar. i am hopeful that exchange active sync would work the way i want it to, but i need to make sure it doesn't try and sync my calendar.

    any thoughts? thanks.
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    I'm not sure about Versamail, but I can sync email with Small Business Exchange Server 2003 via IMAP using Chatter.
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    I sync w/ both via IMAP and ChatterEmail.
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