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    I had a bunch of videos converted to .mp4 files for my PSP and these all worked perfectly on the Treo 650 using TCPMP....I have now simply opened these in Itunes and they work fine on the Ipod as well. So the same MPEG4 videos work great in all 3 devices. The key is they should be mp4 files.
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    are you using a card reader to get it over to the treo? Palm's quickinstall doesn't recognize mp4 and won't move it over apparently. Tells me "there is no application on the organizer to handle this file". I wish there was a way to tell it to stop being so helpful and just port the file over.
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    Couldn't you play protected ipod videos on your desktop, while recording them with something like this?
    The resulting file could then be played on TCPMP, right?
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    Just an update. The above program 'works', but the frame rate is too slow (choppy video). I tried another program (Bulent Screen Recorder - free ) which gives a good frame rate, but the audio and video start getting out of sync towards the end of the video. Any other ideas?......
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    Is there any simple way on Google Video to determine which files can be downloaded to the Ipod (ie for TCPMP) or MP4 without going to each one and seeing if there is an IPOD download button. I don't care if it si free or paid content.


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    If you don't have an Ipod is there a way to download podcasts to TCPMP? I have gotten them fine through Itunes but don't see a download process.


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    Quote Originally Posted by marvw
    If you don't have an Ipod is there a way to download podcasts to TCPMP? I have gotten them fine through Itunes but don't see a download process
    Marv - When you're in iTunes, right-click on the podcast you're interested in and choose Properties. In the Summary tab, down at the bottom there's a line that says Where: followed by the path to the podcast on your computer. You should be able to find that file and copy it wherever you want (like to your Treo's memory card ).

    For copying files to the memory card, you can either buy a USB card reader or check out the following product:

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    I am getting an error when trying to play M4V files that I downloaded from the Homestar Runner site. As far as I know they have no DRM scheme at all. After loading the files onto the treo and trying to play them in TCPMP I get an error stating the following:

    Player: Video codec (AVC aka H.264) not supported by the player!

    I have all of the plugins suggested above by Franko and I still get this message. I installed the program as well as all of the plugins to the SD card. I think they are in the PALM Launcher folder.

    The sound is playing fine but I get no video.

    Any suggestions. Thanks.
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    I have no problem playing iPod VIDEOS, but I always get an error message about the audio.
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    Could one of you who has no problems playing iPod Videos please do a quick test. Download one or two of the Strong Bad Emails cartoons from and let me know if you can get them to play properly. Thanks.
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    Ok, after installing all of the plugins for TCPMP my Homestar Runner iPod files are playing just fine. Prior to this I only had the six plugins mentioned by Franko515 installed. I was then getting the error as stated earlier. The program takes a little longer to start perhaps but it is working great now. I suggest visiting the Homestar Runner website and downloading these videos. They are hilarious.
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    You can get legally free ipod videos, without any fee whatsoever, if that's what you mean. Granted, there I am sure is going to be some major fallout from google's video site based on content I have seen, but they are there in windows, ipod, as well as psp's mp4 format. I had assumed that the ipod's m4v was a proprietary mp4 format similar to Sony's, but it was just not "called" mp4.

    I hope this works, then all we will need is an open source player, or a TCPMP plugin to stream a/v, heh

    I'd love to see people calling them "PalmCasts" instead of Podcasts, I mean they ARE after all, in your palm, even if on an ipod. (Yes "DataCast" is the up and coming "correct" term)
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    Well an update, and I think I understand more what you all mean. Either TCPMP doesn't yet have the right codec readyv (includes picard's h.264), or the PSP version of the mp4 files on googles site are proprietary, or more likely people just plain don't know how to convert files, or don't care to convert them properly for anything OTHER than *just* the PSP. I will have to keep looking for a way to make this there doesn't appear to be a simple solution...there are too many "standards" out there...

    Monkey Wrench: What's Google's gvi format? Could it be converted? I wanted to get ready-made mp4's, but whatever works is better than nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515
    I am using TCPMP with the following plugins, and so far it has played everything i threw at it (including ipod videos)

    You are my hero! Thanks.
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    I made a post a few weeks back on my site about how I get content converted if TCPMP will not support it.

    I use a Lifedrive, but it should be the same for the 650.
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    Has there been any progress on how to convert or use Ipod Video's (assuming they are M4V format) with the updated version of TCPMP?


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    This forum has been dead for about a year, but hopefully some of you are still monitoring and can help. I downloaded TMCP 0.72RC1 and installed the codecs. When I went to run an M4V file error messages popped up.

    "Player MPEG4 AAC Audio decoder not included! It was removed from the official install package because of intellectual property considerations."

    "Error: Player: Video codec (AVC aka H.264) not supported by the player!"

    Is there a codec available through unofficial channels to handle this type of file?
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    No H.264 for tcpmp. The commercial version (CorePlayer) does tho.
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    These work great with TCPMP on my 650.
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