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    I encountered an OLERR error today while synch-ing. My Outlook calendar failed to synch. I got past it by doing the following:
    1.) Deleted on handheld and desktop all MMCache files and CalendarDB-PDat file (database file).
    2.) *NEW STEP - Closed Outlook on my desktop and re-opened it.
    3.) Did a HotSynch

    This worked the first time.

    I hope this helps someone.

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    I got past my error as well. I went back through my calendar and deleted all of the munti-day appointments. Now it syncs like a charm!
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    Of course when you change time-zones (travelling), Outlook madly divides appointments into mult-day appointments etc, regenerating the problem. Best to leave timezone unchanged and show the second timezone when travelling, but as a secondary timezone. You need to be careful what time your Treo shows before syncing.

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