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    what do you guys use as a file manager?
    i cant help but feel that i have unwanted files in my treo. i need a good app that can help me find them and delete them
    i have uninstall and cleanup, which are not very in depht at all
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    plus someone mentioned UniCMD

    Cheers, Perry
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    thank you.
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    You know I have three and use all three depending! I have Zlauncher with a built in one, but then I have RescoExplorer which is Awesome for back, association maintance, and of course zipping up files. Lastly I have Filez because sometimes I need to do things out of zlauncher and it is always just good to have. either way, I use all three.
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    also try palmcommander (its FREE) and it does everything resco does and more. you can edit your preferences
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    Thanks to ole Franko, now I have ZLauncher, Filez, Resco, and Palm Commander. I've not yet messed with UniCMD, but I have it on there to try sometime.

    Now the fun part will be in the future trying to remember what I do in which program... ZLauncher I do most file management (moving stuff around). Filez I mostly reserve for deleting database entries (networkdb.pdb usually, although Resco Locker fixed that problem about duplicating entries) and I also use Filez for out-of-ZLauncher stuff like someone else mentioned they do. Resco I use to explore hidden places and browse the Saved Preferences easier. And Palm Commander I use one thing; hex editing databases directly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by herbbette
    which one should i choose if i only want ONE?
    Try each one and see which program you like the best. It doesn't cost anything to try them.

    I personally like Resco Explorer the best.

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