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    Well, the box arrived today.

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    If they dont honor because of a mistake, would that fall under false advertising laws or can they just say they made a mistake and leave it at that? I know for PRPRPR $it$ $would$ $be$ $good$ $to$ $honor$ $the$ $original$ $deal$ $advertised$, $however$ $I$'$m$ $sure$ $that$ $if$ $they$ $offer$ $you$ $a$ $refund$ $then$ $they$ $are$ $under$ $no$ $obligation$ $to$ $honor$ $the$ $original$ $year$ $subscription$ $at$ $that$ $price$. $I$ $just$ $answered$ $my$ $own$ $question$, $but$ $if$ $there$ $are$ $any$ $lawyers$ $that$ $want$ $to$ $weigh$ $in$ $on$ $it$ $lets$ $hear$ $from$ $you$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloTX
    Well, the box arrived today.

    Maybe I just missed the answer, so why does it need to be on the CD? Does it have any difference?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Maybe I just missed the answer, so why does it need to be on the CD? Does it have any difference?
    I'm guessing it's a Christmas gift giving thing. It's more expensive on a monthly basis (production/shipping costs?), so for you and me, it doesn't make much sense. But for someone who isn't as tech savvy, maybe a CD would be better.

    I haven't opened the box so I can't say what's included.

    Oh well....I've been looking forward to the discounted annual subscription that MobiTV was talking about, and though this was it.
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    I also think it's very telling that MobiTv hasn't responded to anything in this thread when he/she's been so active in the other related ones.
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    I think it's disappointing that MobiTV hasn't said anything about the annual pricing model that they said to look out for around Christmas (9 days away), but not so much about this.

    I think any fault on this probably lies with PalmGear. Seems that they're the one who made the mistake in the details.
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    From me:

    The CD arrived today from Handmark. I did not open the box, only the packing slip to see who the package was from (TM Fulfillment was on the UPS label) and what was sent.

    What needs to be done to return the package?

    From PalmGear:

    Please read instructions below from the developer.

    The customer will need to send the unopened product, and receipt (or
    electronic invoice) to:

    Handmark Returns
    105 E. 5th St. #201
    Kansas City, MO 64106
    From me:

    I'd be happy to. Please have Handmark send a prepaid shipping label.
    These people are making this thing far harder than it needs to be.
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    They need to give you the subscription as promised, or send you a prepaid shipping label like you requested.
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    I'm getting the runaround as well. Palmgear says "the developer of the program is better equiped to assist with technical issues related to their product....I will be forwarding this request to them for assistance."
    I of course tried to explain that this isn't a technical issue, it's a sales issue.
    Mobitv (via motricity) is telling me I need to address the issue with palmgear.

    Here we go, pointing fingers..........

    How can they POSSIBLY think I wanted to buy a CD for a 4 month subscription for $45 when I could just DOWNLOAD the app for $10/month??????????

    I am beginning to get peeved. Someone needs to step up to the plate.
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    I'm with you. I think PalmGear's the culprit here. Handango has from the beginning stated a 4-month subscription. PalmGear sold it as a 1-year but now shows a 4-month.

    That tells me they know they made a mistake. So far, they've been handling it fairly well.

    But now they seem to have convinced Handmark to take it back, but I'm less inclined to believe that Handmark will step up and pay the return shipping because of PalmGear's mistake.

    I've already contacted UPS and have arranged return for a refused package. If I don't have a return label by Monday, UPS will pick it up.
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    Nothing back from PalmGear, so UPS will be picking it up today and returning it to the sender as a refused package.

    Also, PalmGear was quick to charge the card for the purchase (12/12 same day), but the credit to my AMEX card is taking a bit longer for some reason (approved 12/14, still waiting to see it on my online account).
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    Has anyone been able to use MobiTV using T-Mobile's T-Zones (or known as T-Mobile Web now) on their unlocked Treo 650? I know it works on the Unlimited Data Plan, but since T-Zones blocks port 80, I wonder if it works.
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    Pable, what are you doing about the charge for the cd? Other than an email referring me to the developer, I've received no response from palmgear.
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    The charge for the actual CD or for the return shipping?

    UPS picked it up as a refused delivery so that should cost nothing.

    I sent another email back to a different person at PalmGear this morning inquiring about the credit for the actual purchase. I don't know if they are off for the holidays or anything, so I'm going to give them until next Wednesday or so to credit it back before I dispute the charge with AMEX.

    I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with PalmGear. I am more convinced that Kenny West and his partner sold out to the Motricity outfit.
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    I meant the charge for the purchase, but I see you're still having problems there..........
    My CD is sitting at my home in its original, unopened packaging. They can have it back but I want my refund first. After their lack of response thus far, I'm not confident enough to act first....
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    Well, I got it back without having to pay a shipping charge.

    And with AMEX behind me, I'm confident that I will be able to get the money back. I doubt it will come down to having to dispute the charge, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the entire process.
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    Either they're ignorant or indifferent-first I got the confirmation email for a 1 year subscription, then I got an email from mobitv saying the cdrom was mislabeled at palmgear, then I got an email from palmgear today (after a week of nada):
    The actual product we are showing as purchased is the 4 month
    subscription. Please login to your account, click on Order History and
    review the order referenced below as it is the 4 month subscription."

    I'VE GOT A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! They're making it sound like I made the whole dammm thing up!!

    And offering no resolution other than the statement that they're standing behind, like a's..a..4..month..subscription........
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    Hi there - I don't generally read anything but the Multimedia forum, so I'm getting to this a little late. But let me try to clear this up:

    - There was an initial, brief misposting on PalmGear that we corrected as soon as we saw it. This is a 4-month subscription and was always intended that way, we're very sorry for the confusion.

    - The purpose of the CD-ROM is to make it available in physical stores, but we have made it available through some sites that can't sell subscriptions because they haven't integrated their vending systems with us. This includes Palm stores and the Palm web store, PalmGear, Best Buy, etc.

    - A 1-year subscription for the 650 is now available through Handmark for $99.99 -- a $20 savings over the monthly subscription rate. I did say that we were working on annual subscriptions, so here we are, and $8/mo does sound better than $10. We hope this will at least be a nice Christmas present for those of you who like the service and were planning to stick with it through the next year anyway (when new and interesting Treos will be coming out, as Palm has recently let slip).

    - In related news, you can now get MobiTV for the Treo 600 as well (go to I will warn you, this is not the same kind of experience you're used to on the 650; this is the "standard frame rate experience". Go to and see what I mean (the 600 is actually a good bit better than that in good network coverage). But please do check it out and let us know what you think.

    -On the opposite end of the spectrum, support for the TX is imminent, with beautiful full motion video and near-CD-quality audio, and a strong but different channel lineup, including a few channels so far specific to WiFi Palms (like Fox News). I'll post here when it's ready to go.

    Again, sorry for the confusion, and happy holidays!
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    mobitv - I sent you a PM quite some time ago. Could you pleaase check your messages? I have an OT question for you.
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    Still no credit to my AMEX account.

    I've again asked Palm Gear to look into it and have notified them that if I don't see the credit by the 4th, I'll have to dispute the charge with AMEX (billing cycle ends on the 5th).

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