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    You can download the trial (which becomes a full version after you put in your registration info.) from here:

    There's a download trial link on the right side of the page.

    I don't understand as well why the one year subscription comes only with the CD version as you can just purchase a subscription directly from Handmark (though not for the same price for a year that you get with the CD).
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    I went ahead and ordered. I also got the following from Handmark:

    Your CD-ROM package will contain the software and serial number. Please contact support at if your package does not arrive in 5-10 working days. This product is a 4 month subscription, to renew this service, please visit

    I'm shooting them an email as well.

    I'm a little disappointed. The link after the purchase from PalmGear and the two emails I received afterwards all provide links to download the software, but you just can't.
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    I went ahead and ordered it from PalmGear.

    This was in the email I received from Handmark:

    Your CD-ROM package will contain the software and serial number. Please contact support at if your package does not arrive in 5-10 working days. This product is a 4 month subscription, to renew this service, please visit

    As this price is higher than the monthly cost of the service, I'm sure this is an error and am writing a letter to Handmark to get a clarification.
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    Check out ido in post #15 got an email saying the same thing.
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    Hey there,

    Who is using the MobiTV on the Treo 650?

    For the channels like comedy, discovery and stuff like that, is it a set schedule lineup, or can u pick what you what on discovery channel. Can somebody posts pics of what it the screen looks like with one of the channels on? Do the channels have commercials on them?

    Thanks a lot.

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    It's like watching TV, you get whatever is on the channel at the time. Some are live, some are pre-recorded 30 minute sets of sports, etc. Not worth the $10 a month, but $4 is more palatable.

    Still nothing back from Handango.
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    Its only good if you are out, away from a tv alot. Better to just copy a few episodes of your favorite tv show, or movie on an SD card and watch them on the treo.
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    And where are you getting the TV shows. Short of buying DVD's I don't see how to do this. I use to have a TV tuner card on my PC but now I have digital cable so that's out of the question. There's always bittorrent but I just read of a guy arrested for seeding 3 movie's (is Miss Congeniality worth 3 months in jail?). Any options I'm missing.
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    With Tivo2Go and TVHarmony's autopilot, you can move and convert your movies, but it's a pain in the *** from my experience. Over 6 hours or so to convert a half hour episode of a TV show isn't worth it.

    So I'll stick to ripping movies and MobiTV if it's this cheap.
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    I built a home theater pc with windows xp media center edition and it allows me to "tivo" any show and save it to the hard drive. from there I can recode to a size for the treo or I can burn it to dvd.

    it works better than tivo and no monthly fee. it works fine with satellite and cable/digital cable boxes as well
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    Well, still no word from Handango, but PalmGear has changed the page to now show a 4-month subscription.

    From my email:


    The products within the above order are:

    Software title: Mobi TV CD-ROM Version (1 Yr. Subscription)
    Quantity: 1
    Price Each: $45.95 USD
    Subtotal: $45.95 USD
    Tax: $0.00 USD
    Fulfill: Developer

    Order Subtotal: $45.95 USD
    Order Tax: $0.00 USD
    Order Total: $45.95 USD
    Guess it's time to contact PalmGear now. This is ridiculous. Aside from the CF that this order has been, who in their right mind would pay more for the luxury of having to wait for a CD?

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    It'll be interesting to see if they honor my purchase as advertised, refund my $, or just screw me over.....
    The response I've gotten thus far from "motricity" reads as follows: Greetings from! Please read the entire body of our reply before responding, if necessary. It appears in my system as a 4 month membership.

    Er, that's the extent of their response to me!! Obviously, I've since responded back correcting them. Now, I wait.....
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    At least you've received something.

    I've requested that they either honor the purchase or cancel the order and refund the money. I'm sure they'll cancel the order. If none of these are agreeable to them, I'll just let American Express straighten it out for me.

    But PalmGear has always been good to me in the past, so I expect a fairly quick resolution.
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    Yeah, palmgear's never played around. I thought it was a good deal, but if they choose not to honor it and refund my money, oh well.
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    What address did you reach them at? I replied to the email they sent with no response. Too bad Kenny West doesn't monitor these forums like he did the newsgroups. But I see the "Motricity" in the "Company Info". Maybe PalmGear sold to someone.
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    I did receive a response, but I get the feeling each will be pointing at the other, and it seems that it may have been the fault of PalmGear (as they have now changed the text to follow what Handango said).

    We received your request for assistance with your new software program. As the developer's are better equipped to assist with their product, I will be forwarding this request to them.

    To the developer: (
    The reply is set to the customer's email address.

    To the customer:
    Please contact PalmGear if the developer does not respond within 48 hours or 2 business days. Please also make sure that the developer's email address is not being blocked by any kind of spam filter.

    If you have any additional questions please contact us.

    Thank you for shopping at

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    This is a 4 month product. After 4 months, you can continue this
    subscription at a rate of $9.99/mth. I am not sure where it was indicated as
    a 1 Year product. If you go to our website, it is clear that it is a
    $9.99/mth service, so 4 months would be approximately $40.

    See below: and


    I've forwarded the email from PamGear and will be asking both for a refund.
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    That is not the case, so you would probably need to have Palmgear issue the refund.

    Sorry for the confusion.


    The return of your product Mobi TV CD-ROM Version (4 Month Subscription),
    which is a part of order SW3378360, completed by administrator.
    Regards, administration
    We have received your request for a refund which has been approved. A refund will be submitted to the credit card which was used when the order was placed. This credit will show on your next credit card statement. If you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us at

    It is required that you remove the software from your handheld and as well any files associated to it on any and all desktop computers.

    If you have any additional questions please contact us.

    Thank you for shopping at


    I'll watch for the refund.

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    Thats really crappy. If you walk into Walgreens and they have a sign up that offers something at a price you get the price. How can the MobiTV do that? Thats really unfair. I would demand, my service, and no refund. Its there fault, they need to pay for it.

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    Eh, I could really care less.

    I had MobiTV for a month. It was decent, but not essential. And certainly not for $9.99 a month. For $45 a year, I was willing to buy it. If that's not what they're selling, fine, I can do without. I'm not really trying to get over on anyone. It would have been nice to have, but I'm not going to spend any more time on this than I already have.

    How can the MobiTV do that?
    I don't think it's MobiTV (the developer), or Handmark (the distributor), but an error with PalmGear (the reseller) having a mistake in the item details.
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