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    I'm new to a treo 650. I'm thinking about upgrading to one at VZW.

    They're telling me to get the $80 data plan. I want to keep my $40 voice plan, not pay for data, and be able to hotsync without incurring a charge or using my minutes. I won't use the data like email and internet, just hotsyncing calendar and adding programs and whatnot.

    Is this possible, or will I have to pay for it?

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    Free to hotsnyc
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    I just spent almost 40 minutes on the phone with VZW customer service. I talked to them, then technical support, then finally someone in the data department. They all told me the same thing. When I hotsync, it uses the data plan. I.E. it's using airtime or pay as you go if you don't get a data plan. I tried explaining it to them way more than one how my current PDA doesn't charge me if I hotsync. No one could seem to understand this. Is VZW different than the way Sprint does it?

    Thanks for the help. I'm not getting this phone if they're going to charge me to update my address book with my computer.
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    They must be talking about wireless hotsync, an optional service related to push email, from what little I've read. Not sure if they are trying to confuse you or just don't know what they're talking about (more likely the latter from my experience with verizon). There are several threads talking about getting a VZW Treo without purchasing a data plan. You might want to search for those as far as strategies for getting VZW to agree to no-data plan.

    But none of them have to do with the traditional hot-syncing using a USB cable b/t the Treo and your computer. Most of the reasons I've read regarding "required" data plans have to do with the fact that many apps on the Treo will connect without asking. There are workarounds, but if you don't implement them correctly then you'll end up with a huge bill.
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    I've talked to 3 people and they all say I don't need a data plan. The folks in the store say I need one, but not customer service.

    I've told all 3 of them that I won't use wireless, ONLY the cable to hotsync. They say it still uses minutes because it's data usage.

    I'm going to try to find out how the minutes vs. pay per kb plans work. If I can just use minutes, then it should technically be free on nights and weekends.
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    Just talked to someone in VZW data support this morning that knows what they're talking about. His name is Matthew if you ever call.

    You can sign up without a data plan. Just tell them in the store that you talked to 5 people in customer service this morning (like I did) that all said you could.

    The problem (as you all know) is that the phone automatically searches online for things. You have to have them disable National Access. Matthew said if they won't do it in the store, just have them select the pay as you go option and then call data support and have them disable it.

    No problem, no charges incurred, you can hotsync to your heart's delight via the USB cable. This is only if you don't plan on using wireless connectivity. Just voice.

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