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    E&B Company E&B Copilot Case seems to be the only case that has a Loop for an 100% secure attachment to the body.

    (I have had about 3 different "Clip" solutions for various phones over the years where the mechanical clip either wears out, bends or slips off my belt).

    Are there any other "Loop" cases ?

    Does this or any case accommodate a skin case ?

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    Check out some of the Krusell cases. Their Multidapt system lets you choose the type of attachment, including belt loop.
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    I just last week did a lot of research on belt loop cases for the Treo, because like you, I don't like belt clips -- either they don't stay on, or they're difficult to get on in the first place, and they're also not as comfortable as a belt loop in my experience.

    As pointed out earlier, Krussell has a couple of cases which can either use a belt loop or a clip. When using the loop, they appear to have snaps at the bottom which let you take the case on or off without taking off the belt. I don't really trust the snap mechanism, and the cases look more bulky and rough than a case needs to be with a belt loop.

    Nutshell makes a popular case with a variety of options, including a belt loop, but the options are only available if you order it from them. (in New Zealand -- see Not cheap, takes some time to arrive (although not as long as you'd think), and they apparently have really good customer service. The loop version allows it to be horizontal or vertical, and looks to be nicely done. The problem I have with this case is that I'd want the case horizontal, and that would put the opening in the front instead of the top -- I'd worry about the flap opening, and getting it in and out seems like it would be more complex.

    Timbuk2 ( offers a Ballistic Nylon belt loop pouch case that Palm also sells on their site, but I couldn't find much on it, and I didn't like the vertical orientation.

    E&B made the only case which I thought matched my needs exactly. So I ordered one last week from here (the site said they were out of stock, but would be in stock the next day...). Unfortunately, as of today, it just says out of stock, with no date, so I have no idea when this will actually be available. If I don't hear anything in the next day or two, I may need to order it direct from E&B instead. (at
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    Oh yes, and I forgot to add, regarding skin cases: To my knowledge, the E&B and Krussell cases don't have enough extra room for a skin case. The Nutshell has a version which has room for a skin, but according to the discussions about it, you may need to break it in for a month before the treo with the skin will slip in and out smoothly. I've got no idea about the Timbuk2 case.
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    I got one of these from Extreme PDA. Wanted something simple & inexpensive in the horizontal format. The loop has a velcro connector at the bottom which allows you to remove it easily. It's holding up pretty well and I like it's compact attachment method but it is definitely not a luxury model. I'm also going to try a Krussell.
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    I have the Krusell and love it. They make a universal clip system, That you have a choice of different mountings. It stays on great and is easy to get off. It also has held up great.

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