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    I've got some coming in the mail and I'll let you know what after they arrive.
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    Great! Thanks. I got a boxwave and wasn't impressed. Do you know if the Seidio version is Anti Glare?


    PM me or post back here when you get them. Thanks.
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    I just got them here are my comments

    1) The Screen protector comes in a small protective package (in a larger orange envelope)
    2) They have a little tab on the side so you can hold them before you put it on (which just breaks off)
    3) They are perfect size for covering the treo650 screen (they just lie on the screen, you dont have to slip them under the cover)
    4) They seem to stay on well...It is hard to tell which side is up but when I put them down on one side it slipped around, but when I flipped it over (to what was rightside up) it laid down nicely and stays there (and I had to put scotch tape on it and give a good yank to take it off)
    5) Yes it does seem to have some anti-glare properties (without distorting the screen). The website mentions that it does and I can see the screen a little better with it on (although its been cloudy so I havent tried direct sun, but I was using some lights)
    6) Touchscreen works just fine with it on (a couple other brands screwed up the sensitivity of my screen)
    6) Nothing fancy, but for ~$6 I'd say it works nicely (and I like it better than the funky ones I've tried)

    ps...I cleaned my screen before I put it on and obviously didnt let it dry enough so you could see little wet marks after I put it on the first bad...

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