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    Good Night

    I just received my new T650 and I have some questions (did not find answer with the Search Engine).

    1) I have not taken the Data Package. The Preprogrammed Favorites Button WEB, Versamail and Messaging Buttons, I want to replace with Contacts. How can I Delete them or modified them?
    2) I uploaded all my Outlook 2003 contacts with no problem. I received incoming calls from my Contacts and my T650 Screen always read ''NO CALLER ID''. With my T600 I was able to see the incoming caller name & phone number. Do I need to change a setting somewhere to get the same ?

    NOTE: So far, I really appreciate the Screen Resolution. It's worth the $$$.
    T600, Upgraded to T650
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    1) I don't think you can delete them, but you can move them by highlighting a favorite, the tapping the menu button, then select edit favorites pages...then you can drag the ones you want to move to a new location, and of course add new ones.

    2) No idea about that just works for me. Are your contact fields named correctly?
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    1) Im not sure what you are exactly asking, but either do what is said above this post or go to the preferences apllication and change the buttons there.

    2) make sure your contacts are on the handheld and that your caller id is active with your carrier.

    I just upgraded a month ago also There really is no comparison....the Treo 600 is so junky compared to the 650!
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    Thank you.
    1) It worked. I was able to move the preprogrammed button.
    2) I used the Lookup option to configure my Favorite Button. So I expect to have a link to the Contact. I will verify with my Carrier for Caller ID.
    T600, Upgraded to T650
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    Hi TreoLou!

    I have to ask -- did you upgrade by just hot syncing to your 600's userid? If so -- you will have future problems. You will now want to do a clean install:

    Cheers, Perry.

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