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    I recently purchased the Sprint version of a Treo 650. Since I've owned it, I have not been able to get it to pair with anything. Here's what I've tried pairing it with:
    - My IBM ThinkPad T42p
    - A brand spankin' new Motorola HS850 headset
    - A Bluetooth USB hub (and a couple other devices in BestBuy)

    I cannot get so much as an error message out of this thing. It will not find anything. Zilch. Here's some of the troubleshooting steps I've tried:
    - Using the setup wizards (headset, trusted device)
    - Following the online support FAQ from Palm
    - Reseting the device
    - Making sure the s/w is up to date (it is AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK)

    Any ideas? Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I have a sprint treo 650 and the HS850 headset. it paired without any troubles. I also am able to pair it with my bluetooth dongled laptop although I havent been able to make ALL of the features work. (prob my fault)
    Maybe there is a problem with your phone? I would take it into your local sprint store and ask them to take a look at it.
    Also forgive me for asking but you do have bluetooth turned on ?
    default is off.
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    I have a Sprint Treo 650 and no problems with pairing ....make sure it set to discoverable..

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