For about the past 4 months this message has been appearing... only in the mornings. Other problems like outbound calls not completing, inbound calls going straight to voicemail. No, I am not in Casper, Wyoming... Santa Monica CA in a high signal strength area. I am not new to the Treo, I was one of the first T300 users, and like many here, have been with it ever since... no matter what it cost in time and hassle.

Of course, talking to Sprint support (Level 2) was totally useless so I sent an email to the CEO of Sprint on the surge of what appear to be pervasive network failures. To my total suprise he wrote me back within three hours (on Thanksgiving no less) and assigned an executive to it. I have been corresponding for weeks on this with them, they have opened numerous trouble tickets and so far... no change. Same problems. Cudo's to their CEO, however, for having the temerity to write a customer back and take action.

On the theory that various applications may have trashed my 650, I did the annual trek to Mecca and hard reset the phone, fully prepared for my two hours of reinstallation and reconfiguration. My hope was that this would maybe solve the problem... but sure enough, a bare factory original set-up was having the same problems.

So here's my question for you Guru's out there... is it the network thats failing or is this a hardware failure (radio ?) on the phone itself ? On this Board and PCSIntel there are many users from around the US reporting similar or identical Sprint service failures. Are you having the same problems with dropped calls, Vision connection failures, incomplete calls and inbound to voice mail (without ringing) like I am ? I will probably take this unit in for replacement today, and if the new one is doing the same thing I will report back on the result. I hope it is the hardware, I would hate to think Sprint is coming apart at the seams.