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    I recently purchased the John Cleese voice for TomTom Navigator 5. While I recieved confirmation of my purchase and charge to my VISA via e-mail, I have received nothing that tells me how to actually download the voice. For those who have purchased TomTom voices as well, how did you actually get the voice downloaded? I have already e-mailed TomTom but do not expect a reply anytime soon. Any help or information that anyone could provide would be helpful. Thanks
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    Go back to the site and log in....look for "Your Voices" and you will be able to download from the site.
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    I tried that already. There is nothing listed there. I guess I will try to call support on Monday and see if they can halp me.
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    Tomtom sends you an email confirm with a link back to their site to download the voice.
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    You can also download the voice directly from the Tom Tom application on the Treo if you have purchased the voice. Go to Download Extras and you will find the options you need to connect to the service.
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    I contacted TomTom at the USA support number. There was some sort of error when I bought the voice. They contacted the main office in Amsterdam and this morning I was able to download my voice. Thanks to those who tried to help.
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    This has just happened to me, how annoying!

    I've sent their customer support an email complaining.
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