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    Why haven't we got a program like Landscape to change the oriention of the screen?
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    There is a program (Hack, actually) that lets you switch the screen orientation. It is rather moot though, as the Visor screen is square.
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    The hack in question is FlipHack, which turns the screen 90 degrees so that the controls are on the left.
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    As Gameboy points out, the point is to reorient the controls, not the screen. Those of us who use Visors for reading appreciate this level of control.
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    This hack does not appear to work on my Prism. I have Launch'em installed and I'm unwilling to uninstall it for fliphack, so I don't know if that's where the problem lies.
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    Is there a hack that can be configured on an application level? In otherwords, is there a program like Flip Hack that would only activate when I would launch certain apps such as AvantGo?
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