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    I just received a call from someone who said he just bought a T650 and it was programmed with my phone number. My 650 has never been replaced. The number he called from does not show up on a google search. I called VZ customer service and reported the incident. They said nothing to be concerned about. Any comments? Is this some sort of scam. Should I be watching out for anything?
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    What did he mean by "programmed with your number"? He can receive your calls? Or he has your number in his contact list? Weird. What else did he say?
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    He wasn't very clear, and I ended the call quickly. He said that his "new treo was programmed with my number". I told him to contact his provider. We are on different coasts. Strange indeed.
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    And Verizon said it was nothing to be worried about?
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    wonder if this is another one of those bluejack stories. if you leave your treo's bluetooth setting on "discoverable" mode, someone else can acquire or view a phone number, sort of how paris hilton's info like photos and things were hacked and "stolen". not sure if this happened, just waging a guess. you're story is certainly unusual.
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    Just for the record, Paris Hilton's "things" weren't stolen from her phone. Sidekick data is stored on a server, and the server was hacked, not the handset.
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    Why do people keep insisting Hilton was "bluejacked"... And besides, bluejacking on the Treo basically means sending someone a card, you can't just "take" cards from it.


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