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    Looks worth while... I all too often forget to syn before leaving the office...

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    If you look at the detailed description, it says the timed sync feature doesn't work on the Treo 650. That's the only feature that I would find appealing. I don't have a problem hitting the sync button when I first put my Treo in the cradle, but I'd definitely like it to automatically sync again right before I take it to work in the morning. Oh well...
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    What's the big deal with this software? Connect your PDA and hit the hotsync button...why do you need additional software to "automate" and already easy task? Maybe I am missing the obvious here.....
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    I used to use a program like this called "Autosync" that worked with my old (very old) Palm IIIxe. The reason I used it is because I could set it to synchronize at 0500 every morning. Then I could just grab my Palm on the way out the door and have my Avantgo news and everything else synchronized without having to wait. Keep in mind, that was several years ago when the process was much slower. Nowadays I just get on the web sites directly from my Treo, and if worse comes to worse I can sync wirelessly from anywhere over the internet (although UNBELIEVABLY slowly). Long answer to a short question...

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