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    I really don't want to go thru all that crap to make a rom. I could probably do it, but I was fully happy with the already made roms by shadomite. Unfortunetly he doesnt have them on his site anymore, or else I can't find them.

    Where can I get a custom rom thats already made?
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    I found Chinese ROMs and Cingular/Verizon.

    Is there a link to a Sprint ROM?
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    I believe he was talking about a ROM that someone made with custom progs in em....
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    No custom progs. I want the basic 1.12a without "Quick tour" "get BC" "downloads" "realplayer".....
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    If you want a custom ROM with 1.12a in it, you're gonna have to wait until Shadowmite finishes his method of dumping the ROM and restoring it to the 650. Right now, you need a serial cable to do that, but he's working on a way to do it with the 650's supplied USB cable.

    If you want to make a custom ROM now, follow Tem's method in the really long custom ROMS for dummies thread. After installing your custom ROM, download the 1.12a updater from Palm's site and run it on your 650. It will then install the 1.12a update into your custom ROM.

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