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    I'd like to get the following stuff working with my Treo 650 (Cingular GSM):

    1) Car mount/cradle that charges my Treo by simply dropping it in; no extra cable connecting. (Seidio? Carcomm? Anyone else have em?)

    2) Bluetooth headset support for phone calls while in car mount. I don't need external speakers and microphones for phone calls. No extra steps to answering a call via BT (like sliding the Treo part way out to disengage Treo from mount).

    3) Portable GPS support via additional GPS mouse. BT mandatory for travel or using 2nd car. Additional wired connection acceptable to allow simultaneous use of BT headset in main car.

    4) Extra credit: Play MP3s and GPS commands through car stereo.

    The best I have come up with so far is:
    - Holux GPSlim 236 Bluetooth GPS Receiver: SiRF III + WAAP (as per inst manual). Both BT and mini-USB connectors (wireless on the go, wired in car)
    - Treo BT headset (supports all Treo 650 headset modes, ugly but oh well)
    - Seidio G2200S car kit (RJ11 GPS conn and DC audio breakouts)
    - Hacked up RJ11 <-> miniUSB for GPS data connection

    It seemed that this situation would comply with the limitations highlighted in the GSM version of the Treo 650:
    (and see

    Nevertheless, I am starting to think that BT headset and wired GPS can't be used together on a GSM Treo 650 since the GPS connection has to use the Treo connector which I gather would prevent a Bluetooth headset from working with today's firmware.

    Any help here?

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    1) Those are the only 2 companies I've heard of and I really dont know if Carcomm is much of a player. A search on Treocentral pulls up nothing on them (and tons of stuff on the seidio)...Looks like Carcomm is small European company and I only see it sold through Expansys (with no reviews)...So I'd say Seidio is who you want to use.

    2) Your choices are the 2200S or 2350S then..the difference is the 2200S will use an external GPS via its built in serial port and the 2350S has a GPS built in (so no extra boxes, cables, power issues)...~$100 difference.

    3) Based on what you want, I agree the Holux is the best choice since its got B/T and Serial capability...The only thing you might consider if money isnt a huge factor (and if 90% of your use will be in your car)...think about the 2350S and a cheap B/T receiver for when you want portability. The 2350s is really convenient in the car, and I'd even consider one of the $70-80 non-SirfIII units (to save money) for your occassionally portable use. It may not be that much more than a 2200S + Holux + serial cable?

    4) Sorry, doesnt exist for the GSM Treo (at least now) you read, I basically gave up B/T in the car since Stereo Music was higher on my list (and I use the handsfree when I have it in the cradle

    5) Serial GPS + BT headset works fine in the 2200S/2350S cradles (of course you have to bounce between TomTom and the Phone App screens)...Seidio gave me a 2350S to try it on, they do use the dataconnector but the audio out pin is separate from the serial pin (and they just ignore the audio pin in those cradles)

    Post if you have other questions (or feel free to PM me again)

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    You are a veritable fountain of useful info davisdog!

    Do you know if the GSM Bluetooth limitation is still there if you have a wired headphone present in the headset jack? (I am assuming the audio pins you refer to are different from the headset jack)

    One thought that passed my mind was taking a Dremel to the bottom of the Seidio, opening up access to the 2.5mm headset jack and connecting the FM transmitter to it. Basically an alternative to grabbing the audio from the data connector audio pins.

    Can't really wrap my head around what the Treo would do when I got a call. Would activating my Bluetooth headset override the wired connection in the headphone jack? Also wonder if the behavior is different with a combo headphone + microphone plugged into the jack.

    Alas I don't own a BT headset right now to test how it interacts with a wired headset (I returned my Moto 850). Anyone?

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    I have almost the same setup you mention.

    I have a Seidio G2100s cradle (I think the forerunner of the G2200s), mounted to a no holes bracket in my BMW 5 series. I use a Holux wired GR213 receiver plugged into the Seidio cradle which is hardwired to the ignition. I use a BT carkit to handle calls.

    I would recommend the Holux GR236 BT receiver as you say because it can be wired to one car and be taken out and used as a BT receiver in another car or on foot, bicycle etc. & if the GPS receiver in the Seidio 2350 ever goes wrong (I have had an old seidio GR300 receiver go dead on me) you don't have to replace the whole unit.
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Holux GPSlim236 GPS BT receiver & Tom Tom v5.201

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