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    I recently uninstalled Chatter do some some issues I have been seeing. After I did this and important my messages to Versamail I seem to have about 3-4 meg less free space on the phone? Is this do to compression in chatter or something? Is there a good app I can use to "cleanup" all the files that are on the phone that are not needed? Something that scans the phone automatically?

    Also, how can I change the backup files that are on my PC? I don't want it to keep reinstalling Chatter when I sync.
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    You could have used an uninstall manager.... It would have deleted all of the associated files with the app.
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    Start with deleting the file "MultiMail Attachments" (after taking a backup). This file was approx 3MB om my Treo - even though I had no messages with attachments in Versamail.

    It can safely be deleted. A soft reset restores a new (empty) version of the file - occupying just a few kb...
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