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    I'm wondering if anyone else has problems downloading eBooks from through Blazer? I keep getting an error that the file type isn't supported by my handheld. I try both the eReader format (.pdb) and the PDF format, both of which are supported by my handheld. Downloading files of this type seems to work from other sites through Blazer. Let me know if someone has a work around (preferably without a third-party downloader app). It's not like it's a huge hassle to download to my computer then transfer, I'm just confused why I'm getting the error. Thanks.
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    It's a problem with their website; the TC discussion forums has the same problem.

    Solution: download the file (looks like it's always, "send.php") to your card, use a file manager, like Filez, to maneuver to /Palm/Blazer/Download, rename the file (send.php to WarOfTheWorlds.pdb, for example) and move it to the appropriate directory (/Palm/Books or /Palm/Launcher for eReader).
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